Why Choose Fleet Management Software

Secure Fleet Management Software is specifically designed to increase profitability for car rental owners and it is easily available from any remote device. It is time and cost-efficient and helps in managing the vehicle rental systems.

We understand your needs

Having a car rental company as our partner in this venture, we better understand your needs regarding customers, vehicles, agreement, reservations, rates, maintenance, reports, etc.

Flexible usability and training

You get user-friendly software, so any of you or your teammates don’t have to waste much time in getting used to the software. In case you face any difficulty, SFM customer support is always there.

At a glance dashboard

You get a quick look at all the information regarding the customer or vehicle stored in the software be it an overview of monthly sales, alerts, or rental status. You can also track the available vehicle and reservations for the day.


Fleet Management System

We believe in making simple and fair pricing plans. Choose your next successful plan and get started with fleet software.

Manage Your Vehicles With Us Now

How can Secure Fleet Management Software can ease your car rental and fleet management
and maintenance process?


Access it anywhere using any device without the need for installation. Check-in and check-out with all the information on a single screen.


Upload the before and after pictures of the vehicle and thus identify any scratches or dents. Keep a record of accidental repairs.


Get along with quick booking and clear payments in one go. Upload customer licenses after booking and email them with all the details.


Get notified about all the details be it vehicle tracking, customer queries, or maintenance alerts. Responding to these alerts becomes easy with the mobile app.


Go digital for paperless dealing. You can print rental or customer-related information on the digital contract. Edit pricing for the vehicles as per location in the agreement.


Track where your vehicles are entering and the locations they have left. Get to know about the availability of vehicles during online reservations.

Supporting All Types of Auto Rental

Car Management
Truck Management
Boat Management
Scooter Management
Bike Management
Golf Cart Management

The Modern Day Rental Service:

Being one of the most easy-to-use fleet management solutions among others, secure fleet manager connects the bridge between drivers, vendors, admins, owners, and other business employees.

SFM is cloud based management and fleet rental software which automates your fleet management to save your time and effort. SFM is aimed at understanding vehicle owners’ problems and offers the solution accordingly. We believe in giving what you need.

With a team of industry experts, directors, developers, and managers, Secure Fleet Manager is committed to making your fleet operations smooth by providing high-quality services, tools, and equipment. It is not just a fleet management system but much more than that as it offers expenses, damage repairs, total revenues, and regular maintenance needs.

What we provide :

  • Quick management of all documents and vehicles
  • Hassle free GPS tracking
  • Digital assessment of damage caused
  • Secure transactions and administration

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