How Secure Fleet Management Software can ease your car rental and fleet management & maintenance process?

GPS Integration

  • Integrate GPS in your vehicle by linking it with the ODP device we send you.
  • Track your vehicles daily.
  • Keep an eye on the driver’s record. Check if the safety measures and regulations are followed.
  • Know the location entered or exited by your vehicles.
  • Get an SMS with the location entered or exited by your vehicles.

Online vehicle reservation

  • Get this reservation plug-in to integrate into your website.
  • Bookings will be updated in your rental system directly.
  • Let your customers use this plugin to reserve your vehicle in just a few clicks.
  • Interactive design that can be approached from any device.
  • Secure payments processing of advanced payments on booking.
  • Automated emails to notify you of updates or any customer information.

Download mobile app

  • Available for Android and IOS users.
  • Check vehicle availability.
  • Quick check-in and checkout.
  • Click and upload the customer’s signature easily.
  • Upload Before and after pictures of the vehicles(360-degree view). Thus recognize any dent and manage collisions and money spent.
  • Send emails directly from your app.
  • Create customer profiles in one go. Scan and upload their licenses. Thus preventing manual errors.
  • Offers real-time data access.

Our Values

  • We keep customer satisfaction as a topmost priority and deliver hassle-free services to them.
  • We install the latest technologies in the software that are running in the market.
  • We believe in constant interaction to build trust and understand each other’s requirements. So feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Our Plan

  • We have a passion for making management easier for organizations and hence help them in analyzing, and tracking their fleet operations.
  • We plan to keep our fleet management software up-to-date with the upcoming technologies to make the execution easy for our customers.
  • We will not restrict our software to cars, trucks, or scooters, but to cover as many types of different vehicles as possible and as most required by the companies.

Our Company

  • We have partners from rental companies so we understand the changes in the automotive industry and the problems faced by the rental companies. 
  • Our company and software are globally working and resolving the issues of both vehicle owners and rental companies.
  • We have experienced staff who is focused to make your daily vehicle operations easy.

Why you should consider

fleet management
  • User-friendly and cost-effective software.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Cloud-based software so no installation required.
  • Pocket-friendly to suit every budget. No hidden charge.
  • Full Customer support when needed.
  • Choose or customize any plan according to the number of vehicles you own.
  • Say goodbye to paper contracts and agreements. Welcome digital contract.

“We do what you expect” is what makes us stand apart from others. If you are awaiting satisfaction in your fleet management business, consider us. Save time with smooth management and keep a record of your vehicles and customers at the most affordable price.

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