Follow the top 5 tips to save money on your car rentals

Follow the top 5 tips to save money on your car rentals

To take safety measures during this pandemic, more and more people are turning to personal rides rather than public transport. Personal rideshare has some advantages over sharing rides like reaching a destination quickly and conveniently, stopping anywhere if you wish to, and riding comfortably. 

Despite all these advantages, the cost of rideshare might concern some people. But don’t worry, with these top 5 tips to save money on your car rentals, your pockets won’t feel empty anymore. So let’s begin saving our money.

Here are the 5 tips to save money on your car rentals

save money on your car rentals

1. Keep a check on the facilities included in rental cost

Before completing the booking and paying the rental cost, check if there are any hidden charges or tax which will add to the original fees, resulting in unexpected costs. Go through the rental agreement and company policies to know this hidden cost before paying.

Hack: You will have to pay the cost of filling the tank once completely after you return from the ride. The companies consider it as a fact that you are using a full tank for one ride even if you are using half. So instead of paying them, consider filling the tank completely before you return the rental.

2. Save money by staying away from airport rentals

Why this tip? Airport pickups might be very convenient but you might have to pay some extra charges for the same. Some renowned rental agencies might be present on the expensive side that may cost you higher.

Hack: Instead of choosing these reputed international agencies, consider making an early booking with the local car rental company. They will cost less with good quality of service, hence saving you a lot of money.

3. Differentiate between rental fees of different companies

Different companies offer different services at different prices. Your responsibility is to check all the offers available and contrast their pricing criteria. Make a list of your expectations, needs, and budget, and then compare it with various car rental companies. Whichever suits you the best, go along with it. 

For comparing various rental services available for your expected area and the pricing offered, try the sites named Skyscanner and Kayak. You will also learn about the discount, deals, and seasonal offers of the companies.

4. Do you look for rental insurance as well?

One of my favorite tips among all the 5 tips of saving money for your car rental is this. Why? Because you might be spending money on something that you already own. How? Almost all rental agencies offer car rental insurance along with the rideshare and this becomes easy to add this charge to your bill in the name of “safety”.

As with all the people around, safety is very important. Before paying extra, check if your credit card has this insurance feature. Or you may use your car insurance, if you own a car, to cover the damages caused to a rental. Thus, always check with your credit card providers and personal car insurance before paying extra for this car cover.

5. Check for the damages before the ride begins

Time is the most precious asset. But what about the safety of both you and the vehicle? People are in hurry to start the ride to reach their destination. But what if your vehicle already has damage for which you may end up paying. 

Thus, take a minute to check the car’s condition before riding and don’t forget to take some pictures of the car. You can use these pictures in your phone along with the date as proof in case anything goes wrong during the ride.

So these were the best 5 tips to save money on your car rentals. But wait, we have two additional tips to prevent the hole in your pocket. Here are these.

Keep your arrival and departure position same

You get the facility of pick-up and drop-off location of your choice directly through the rental companies. But ensure that both of the locations are the same. This is because if you prefer a different drop-off location, you might end up paying extra. Most of the companies though offer the facility of choosing different pick-up and drop-off locations, but at extra charges which can be very high sometimes. So, prefer to keep the arrival and departure location the same to save money on your rentals.

GPS tracking

Car rental companies while convincing you for making the reservation might also ask extra for the GPS service. And in the heat of the moment, you may say yes. But why should you pay extra for the GPS when you can install it directly on your smartphones. Thus, use GPS in your smartphones instead of paying unnecessarily for it.

Try these top 5 tips to save money on your car rentals

Did you like these tips to save money in your pocket? If yes, then it's time to implement these tips in your daily rental routine and analyze how can this help you in saving money.

If you still doubt these, just play around it and confirm yourself. Till then leave comments below about what else do you wish to read. We will try to solve your queries through different articles. You can contact us directly through the website or by emailing us at

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